Wire It Up is a leading communications company in Niagara.  We specialize in wiring aesthetics, we put together your home entertainment system or communications panel with a design pleasing to the eye.  We mount TV’s, fish lines, install and program wifi hot spots, install security cameras and the list goes on.  We do Residential and Commercial wiring, CAT5e, coax, telephone, and HDMI.  Wire It Up also sells a lot of what we install across the country.  Just recently we became a Alarm.com authorized retailer, adding another piece to our ability to build your perfect home entertainment experience.  Whether you prefer to have an Antenna installed, Cogeco or Bell, we can set you up with what ever you desire.  Give us a call or send us an email for a free quote.

Phone: 905-650-6497

Email: info@wireitup.ca